A Social Enterprise for Service to Society
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  • Enhancing Self Sustainability of Rural Communities
  • Triggering reverse migration from Urban to Rural Communities
  • Enhancing Excellence in Education
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A Social Enterprise for Service to Society

'The Academic Advisors' (TAA) is a Social Enterprise for Service to Society. It is a voluntary non profit NGO playing the role of a catalyst in bringing together various agencies within the Public and Private sectors, social service organizations, Educational Institutions, Chambers of Commerce and Industries, Consultants, Civic Forums and like minded individuals on to a common platform and stressing the importance of deploying different forms of sustainable energy, educational & preventive health care system, and empowerment of people for achieving the common national goal for the betterment of our country.


TAA's vision is to give new meaning to the term "India-shining", where every Indian can hold up his / her head with pride and be a vital part of our country's development and growth, making it a global player in our rapidly developing world.


1. Enhancing Self Sustainability of Rural Communities
2. Triggering reverse migration from Urban to Rural Communities
3. Enhancing Excellence in Education.


  • To propagate life skills education in the children and youth

  • Life skill orientation program for primary & secondary schools.

  • Life skills orientation with sex education program for secondary, high school and youth.

  • to create more resource people to conduct life skills in their own schools and organization.

  • To conduct vocational guidance seminars for youth.

  • To develop and identify organizations who are capable of implementing the Eco ethos projects.

  • To Supervise the eco ethos project to ensure that the project is implemented at grass-root level.

  • To awaken the ethical and moral responsibility of each individual towards energy conservation and environmental preservation.

  • To explain how non-depleting and non-polluting alternate energy sources such as solar energy, tidal or ocean energy can reverse environmental degradation.

  • To spearhead several initiatives using various channels of communication to generate, mould public opinion, influence policy and create awareness about these issues through seminars, conferences, workshops, energy audits, exhibitions and through the aegis of magazine published by The Academic Advisors

  • To encourage and publish new products, processes, case studies and scenarios, to achieve the goals of Energy conservation and Environmental preservation.

  • To realize the benefits of development through a path of minimum damage to the environment by adopting the road of Energy Efficiency and Conservation and deploying different forms of sustainable energy in the larger interest of mankind.

Research & Development
  • To evaluate and identify the practical challenges faced by the implementers and facilitate further research to improve the applicability

  • To Facilitate various research programs which are related to Education, Environment & Empowerment.

  • To create a dedicated platform for scientific research and development related to energy and its impact on Environment.

  • To design, monitor and evaluate administrative and social service projects

  • To develop IEC (Information, Education & Communication) material. (content development)