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  • Enhancing Self Sustainability of Rural Communities
  • Triggering reverse migration from Urban to Rural Communities
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"The Academic Advisors" - TAA, India - is the brainchild of its founder trustees who have vast and varied experiences in the fields of healthcare management, financial management, administration and human resource development, event management and marketing, networking skills, etc. in individual careers spanning over 30 years.

In June 2009, three of TAA's founder trustees promoted the idea of having a dedicated group of professionals playing the role of a catalyst in bringing together various agencies within the Public and Private sectors; Social Service Organizations; Educational Institutions, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, consultants, Civic Forums and like-minded individuals on to a common platform.

TAA's aim is to primarily focus on the areas of Education, Environment and Empowerment - effectively channeling Government project funding, resource mobilization and implementation of designated projects under their very ambitious Public Private Partnership (PPP). This includes liaising with NGOs and Corporates, where the latter have ample scope to fulfill their obligations under their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. In a nut-shell, TAA plays a significant and consistent role in identifying, conceptualizing, finalizing, implementing, monitoring, assessing and completing socio-educational and socio-environmental projects - creating a win-win situation for all concerned.

In India, we are so used to excessive rhetoric and grandiose schemes on subjects very close to our hearts - education, environment and empowerment. There is so much to be done in these sectors but so little "initiative", "motivation" and "will" to tackle the issues as we really should.

TAA India is happy to be the conduit to juggle all players in this ambitious endeavour of PPP for the common national goal of progress and betterment of our country. Primarily these activities will be restricted to the Pune and Solapur District, with the larger game plan to extend to the entire State of Maharashtra and then to other states in India.

As we all know, the "real" India exists in its villages. TAA's modus operandi is to promote the idea of "reverse migration" whereby rural inhabitants do not leave their habitats to gravitate towards urban settlements for a better educational / employment opportunities. TAA will strive to associate with as many entities who will provide adequate infrastructure within the rural areas, to ensure that their population has equal opportunities for sustained growth and development as their urban counterparts. This ideology also involves the assistance of territorial MSW candidates who will wholeheartedly concentrate on rural development schemes within their regions, to deploy varied forms of:
1. Sustainable energy
The disastrous effects of climate change due to the mindless use and destruction of our natural resources / environment is a stark reality which should serve as a wake-up call for us humans to "Save the World". Unfortunately, we are pre-occupied with rampant consumerism and materialism in every facet of life and living. Unless we learn to limit our excesses and greed, and look towards sustainable / renewable energy sources, we are on the path of ultimate self destruction!

The socio-environmental projects encompass projects which harness solar energy - for street lights and housing, lantern and cookers, electrification panels, etc.; water harvesting and conservation; garbage disposal, vermiculture and composting; recycling of paper, metal, plastic, liquids, etc.; non-polluting schemes and techniques to prevent air, water, noise pollution; sensible use of natural and man-made resources to reduce wastage.
2. Educational systems
It has been proved time and again that individuals from the rural sector can reach excellence in any field of activity if they have access to good infrastructure, training facilities and trainers. TAA's mission is to encourage educational excellence, increase literacy rates and provide career counseling and guidance to individuals in the rural areas such that they can look forward to a dependable and dignified future - for themselves and for their communities.

By introducing and encouraging basic computer literacy and e-learning systems and processes to those who have not had the opportunity to do so yet, TAA intends to let our less fortunate rural community base to join the magical world of IT enabled technologies and services, thus reducing the literacy gap between urban and rural sectors. The Adult Literacy Programmes (ALP) run under the tutelage of the Government's National Literacy Mission (NLM) involves brilliantly designed computerized interactive learning modules by some Corporates, for the benefit of the illiterate population.

TAA has devised highly effective presentation and training modules for "Life Skills Orientation Programmes (LiSOP) - targeted for middle school / high school and college youth. These programmes are conducted at the school premises, with active involvement of the school management, teachers, parents and students. The programmes help in raising self-esteem of the students; realizing and believing that each one of us is unique and special; coming to terms with our own individuality; , acquiring a deep respect for others that we interact with - specially the opposite sex; understanding the consequences of sexual permissiveness - the scourge of STDs, unwanted pregnancies, HIV / Aids, substance abuse, etc. The students also learn how to change their attitudes to life - with empathy, sympathy, tolerance, patience and understanding - making them well balanced and clear thinking human beings.
3. Preventive healthcare systems
TAA associates with the managements of healthcare facilities and service providers - Govt. / Private / Armed Services - to ensure a better quality of healthcare for the masses, particularly in the rural sectors through the existing primary Health Centers. Presently the PHC are either nonexistent or under utilized due to poor health care facilities. Through the network of Self Help Groups we plan to have regular health education programs. This includes addressing issues related to infant mortality, pre-natal and post-natal maternity care, gynecology and related issues, HIV / AIDS; the need for regular preventive health check-ups; a return to naturopathy, yoga and natural healing processes to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
4. Empowerment of people
TAA's objective is to guarantee effective empowerment of individuals - specially women and children - so that they live a life full of self-confidence, dignity and sustainability.

All our capacity building programmes teach the children and youth learn to fend for themselves by acquiring education, life skills and vocational training.

The women learn self-sufficiency with schemes like Bachat Gat (small savings and micro-loans), entrepreneurship, income generation projects, community development projects, etc.